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The same technology that OES uses to design and deliver to the pros is built into all of the scoreboard products they offer to schools, arenas, sports clubs, and associations and in all of their large custom systems too.

Are you Aware: Incandescent bulbs are being phased out!

As of January of 2013, the 15 watt bulb is no longer being manufactured. This is the bulb found most often in outdoor scoreboards. If you happen to have a scoreboard with these bulbs, depending on the supply on hand, this could be very expensive. The OES retrofit can be a cost effective solution for your scoreboards. Contact me for an assessment of your current scoreboard.

Our Scoreboard Services:

  • Scoreboard Installation
  • Scoreboard Retrofitting
  • Venurun Systems

Upgrade your facilities with modern LED technology for brighter and clearer displays. When you want to show more than scores, you have the option of adding video or scrolling messages in multiple colors.

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